Here i am, finally using Emacs for real to edit posts, thanks to weblogger.

Installing it cannot be easier: download the file, and its only dependency, xml-rpc. Put both of them in your load path, require weblogger (e.g. using M-x load-library and call M-x weblogger-setup-weblog, providing the required information.

For instance, i’ve set up this blog using https://emacs.wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php for the ‘end point’. You can add more than one account, which is kind of nice.

If you then invoke M-x weblogger-fetch-entries, you’ll be presented a collection of your posts, as if they were emails (which i like quite a bit), and there’re are commands to browse and modify them, create new ones, save drafts and, of course, publish new entries. Just check the file header, or the menu, for a list of available commands.

There’s also support for simple templates, and for editing your posts using nxml-mode.

The only capability i’m missing is setting categories in WordPress. Perhaps it’s time to roll-up my sleeves! 🙂

Happy blogging!

Livin’ La Vida

Here’s Sacha telling us how she uses emacs:

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