Livin’ La Vida

Here’s Sacha telling us how she uses emacs:

And don’t miss her behind the scenes writeup!

Map of Emacs Users

Add yourself to the Map of Emacs Users around the world… and leave a note with the emacsen version(s) you use, just for the fun of it! You can also take a look at Emacs google trends (or the Emacs vs. that other editor one), the EmacsUserLocations page or this Emacs Screenshots flickr group.

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Elisp and the Lambda Calculus

This one is only for hardcore emacsers who are into programming languages theory: a lambda calculus interpreter written in Elisp by Michael Olson. Enjoy!

The Lord of Elisp

Knuth’s Tex for the Math-kings of sigma, and pi,
Unix vim for the Server-lords with their O’Reilly tomes,
Word for Mortal Men doomed to die,
Emacs from the Bearded One on his Gnu throne,
In the land of Stallman where free software lies.
One Emacs to rule them all. One Emacs to find them,
One Emacs to take commands and to the keystrokes bind them,
In the land of Stallman, where free software lies.

(Raffael Cavallaro,

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