Yet another illustrated primer

This one, called Living in Emacs (PDF), covers the very basics of using Emacs as your working environment:

Getting started with Emacs requires navigating a steep learning curve. Our goal is to help you past the initially unfamiliar interface so that the power and utility of Emacs become apparent. Then you’ll be ready to explore further on your own, following up on the resources and tips at the end of the tutorial.

The 25-pages long tutorial closes with a good piece of advice:

Use Emacs. Live in it for a while, learn to love it a little bit. Like any complex program, it will take time for you to fully grok it, but the effort’s worthwhile: you’ll have become fluent in one of the most common UNIX programming utilities and picked up a fundamentally marketable skill to boot!

Worth a look if you’re just getting started.

3 Responses to “Yet another illustrated primer”

  1. sean Says:

    Ironically, for the more advanced Emacs user, Bram Moolenaar’s “seven effective habits” presentation:

    is probably more interesting. The basic idea is (1) find repetitive actions; (2) automate them. Doubly ironically, this is much easier to do in Elisp than vim-script ;).

  2. Jim Says:

    Good primer, but I might recommend the newbie go here first:

    Emphasizes the “why” over the “how” to learn emacs.

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